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The General Raymond G Davis MCL #1162 detachment is made up of veterans and civilians from World War II through the peace time era's to the current conflicts. 


Our regular membership is open to any Honorably Discharged Marine or FMF Navy Corpsman or Chaplain. 


Our associate membership is open to any other Honorably Discharged military personnel or upstanding civilian.   


Our goals are:


  • To help local veterans and their families. 

  • To help operate the Gaston County Toys for Tots program, where we have helped numerous families provide Christmas for their children.

  • To help support the East Gaston Marine Corps JRoTC and the South Point Navy JRoTC programs by providing scholarships for at least one senior each year from each school and in supporting their cadets in needs they may have and attending their competitions as support. 

  • To present certificates to local Boy Scouts who have earned their rank of Eagle.

  • To participate in parades at Veteran's Day and Christmas.

  • To host a Marine Corps Birthday Ball for local veteran and active duty Marines and others who wish to attend. 

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